The Photo Project

I’m obsessed with mountains, the way we've shaped and scarred them, the pull they have on us, their formation and shifting faces.

What most keeps drawing me back, aside from a love of scrambling and huge mountain days, is the sheer beauty that weather brings about in the mountainscape. Sometimes I encounter truly magical conditions: snow flurries at dusk with light skittering across the fellside in gusts, sunsets behind the sepia smoke of heather burning in the glens, rime ice feathering out into moisture-laden air… When I can, I try to capture these moments, either through photos or words. Where I manage both, I’ll publish them here. I hope it will become an archive of those fleeting moments of mountain wonderment. It's the poetry of these landscapes, where nature and climate weigh most heavily, that provides the inspiration, that sculpts the words like snow.



I shoot with a Fujifilm X100T and don't like intensive editing. I can't get enough of black and white. What I like most is the atmosphere of a moment, where I can just press the shutter release and let the mountainlight paint the image.

I came to realise recently that, whenever I write, it's always in response to an image, be that a photo I've taken or a memory I've made. I love old, almost-forgotten words and the specific descriptors of landscape.

Aside from mountains, writing and photography, I'm also a French-English translator and am studying for an MSc in Environment & Sustainability. I’m hoping to put my skills to use protecting our unique upland landscapes and the wider environment.